# Public establishments

# I own a public establishment. Can I sign up to OneSoccer to offer it to my customers?

Yes. There is a specific subscription for public establishments. If you are interested please request a commercial subscription calling to 1-877-871-1122 or send an email to the following email address soccer@premiumsports.ca

# What can I watch with this specific subscription to OneSoccer?

With a commercial subscription to OneSoccer you'll be able to enjoy:

  • All Canadian Premier League games.
  • All Canadian Championship games.
  • Concacaf Gold Cup.
  • Local games of the Canadian national soccer team (women's and men's).
  • The best content about the Canadian Premier League and the best Canadian soccer.
  • Mexico's LigaMX.
  • The Concacaf Nations League.
  • Spanish Women’s Pro Soccer League (Liga Iberdrola).
  • Brazilian League (Brasileirão).